Here is the link to the weekly accountability check-in form:

If you are a graduate who has not yet had your first job success, post-program completion, we have an accountability structure to help you stay on track and to help better support you during your search. 

Each week, you will now submit a check-in accountability form to share how your job search efforts went that week and any challenges you face.

What is the Weekly Accountability Check-in form?

This form will ask you a short series of questions regarding how many jobs you applied to, any jobs you have in the interview stage, and any offers you received. It also gives you a chance to share what challenges you encountered and what kind of support you need. This form will help identify areas that you might need more support and assist in providing relevant resources, training, and workshops for your career planning and development.  

When do I submit the Weekly Accountability Check-in form?

Each end of the week, on Friday or Saturday, you will complete this short form to report on your job search efforts for that week. For example, you will complete the form on Friday, April 23rd, or Saturday, April 24th for your job search efforts from Sunday, April 18th through the 23rd or 24th. You will then complete it again Friday, April 30th, or Saturday, May 1st. You will complete this same form each week until you find your first job success. You can reuse this same link for each submission.

If you have any questions, you can reply to this post or email us at