1. Obtain a Strong Fundamental Knowledge of Networking. This is Your Foundation. (60-90 Days) 

This is the step 1 and it is super important as it will be the foundation in which you build all the other layers on top of this in order to become a full stack engineer within the IT field for 2017 and beyond!

2. Get Job Experience Working in the Information Technology Department 

  • Get in the door (Ex. Intern, volunteer, or work for minimum).
  • Think help desk, technician or ideally a network admin position if your lucky.
  • Volunteer for any IT projects (Gaining experience is key)
  • Learn the skills that are needed or wanted and fill those needs
  • Gain 1-2 Years working in the IT department


3. Switch Jobs or Get Promoted to Network Technician/Network Administrator or Technical Sales 

  • Gain 2-4 Years working in the above role/roles
  • Work on many projects as you can and leverage your Vendors and Partners (VARs)
  • Learn from vendor’s sales team and partner engineers as you work on projects together
  • Have your employer pay for training and certifications


4. Become Full Stack technology oriented and skills trained 

  • Learn Data Center, SDN, Virtualization, Cloud, DevOps, IoT, Cyber-Security and IT Automation architectures
  • Become a generalist across the technology stack
  • Ask for a pay raise as you gain more certs and skills
  • The goal is to get a Sr. X Engineer, X Architect job, or Technical Account Manager title to break six figures in salary (IE. $100,000+ USD)


5. Level up and join X Manufacturer (IE Amazon or Cisco) or a Partner (Value Added Reseller) 

  • Become a pre-sales engineer or post-sales implementation engineer or technical account manager
  • TIP: Be willing to move/relocate (You can always come back to your home town later)
  • Locate a partner here via manufacturer website for partners
  • Top manufacturer/vendor tech companies have thousands of partners worldwide