This is the final career milestone you will complete as a NexGenT student. Simply schedule a meeting with your career coach to discuss your career status, and what comes next for you as a professional. 

If you’ve already had job success, this meeting may serve as a check in to review how your job is going, and if you’ve set further goals in your career path, for example, pursuing additional certifications or training that may level you up in your current position, or set you up for advancement.  

If you are still career searching, this meeting will serve to help you develop an effective job search strategy and ensure you have all the tools and resources you need for doing so. 

Whatever your career search status may be, Milestone 6, your Career Success Meeting, is part of the transition from NexGenT student to NexGenT alumni. You’ll learn what you can expect as an alum, ways in which you can stay engaged and continue to be supported in your career success. 

The focus of your career success meeting will be determined by your job seeking status. If you are actively job seeking, it may be helpful to consider the following in preparation for your meeting:

  1. What is your current career search status?

  2. Are you using Huntr to help you organize and track your job search?


  3. Have you updated your resume and LinkedIn profile with your new title, certs, and skills?


  4. What is your biggest concern or obstacle that you are facing to landing your dream IT or cybersecurity job?


  5. How many jobs have you been, or do you expect to be applying to on a weekly basis?


  6. How much time each week are you able to dedicate to your job search?


  7. What are the main job boards that you will be using to apply to jobs?


  8. What are the top 3-5 companies you would like to work for?


  9. Are you willing to relocate or do you wish to have a remote or flex position?


  10. What are the top job titles that you will be pursuing?


  11. List 2-3 tech staffing agencies that you have identified in your area.


  12. Have you or are you comfortable networking and reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn?