This milestone should be completed at the end of your program. You will work with your career coach to finalize an effective job search strategy to ensure job success.  

A strategic plan provides both vision and direction for achieving a lofty goal. Career planning provides focus on the over-arching goal, while a career action plan provides guidelines for the process to reach the goal. A well-defined targeted job search will allow you to articulate your qualifications in a persuasive manner to your audience. Your career action plan will help you to develop a timeline for executing outreach to your target audience and provide you with a mechanism for benchmarking your success.

Below is a career planning checklist for you to keep track of the areas that you need to focus on and make improvements until you land your dream IT job.

Step 1: Complete your final career plan checklist and job success plan. Make sure that you are able to answer the following questions below. 

1. What is your biggest concern or obstacle that you are facing to landing your dream IT or cyber job?

2. How many jobs do you expect to apply to on a weekly basis?

3. How much time each week will you be dedicated to your job search?

4. What are the main job boards that you will be using to apply to jobs?

5. List the top 3-5 companies, within your geographic area, that you aspire to land your next job with:

6. List the top job titles that you will be pursuing:

7. List 2-3 tech staffing agencies that you have identified in your area:


Step 2: After completing the form you will be prompted to schedule a call with your career coach. During your call, you will finalize your job search plan and set a regular time to meet until you achieve job success.