This milestone is to get you familiar with video interviews which are becoming more and more popular as a way of screening candidates quickly. After you apply to a job, do not be surprised if you get an email asking you to submit answers to a prerecorded list of interview questions.

Depending on the company and their hiring need, they may only give you 24 -72hrs to complete their interview set. The turnaround is usually very quick, so it will be important to be prepared.

To get you familiar with the process, NexGenT instructors and staff have provided you with a simulation so that you can practice and get feedback.

During class, your career coach will provide you with an assignment code to choose the interview practice of your choice.  Below are the interview sets to choose from.



1. IT Support Engineer

2. Network Administrator

3. Network Engineer

Cyber Security

1. Interview set 
This interview set will support the following roles:

-Entry Level Cyber Analyst
-Entry Level SOC Analyst
-Entry Level Cyber Specialist
-Information Security (if coming into our program with IT exp.)
-Entry Level Cybersecurity sales engineer (if previous sales / IT experience)

Below is the step by step screenshots to access your video interview.


Step 1: To get started simply log into NexGenT Big Interview

Step 2: On your home page click the “Assignments” tab on the navigation bar.

Step 3: Enter the interview code of your choosing and click “Go”. You will be brought to your video interview.

Step 4: Click the “Read Description” section to review the job description.

Step 5: Record your answers and click submit. Instructors and Career Services will review your answers and will provide you with feedback.