For this milestone, you are tasked with creating a future cover letter for a job that you would like to apply to based on the career research that you have done.

Below are the steps and criteria that you must meet to complete the assignment.

Step 1: Review cover letter templates and student examples provided on the sidebar.

Note: Do not feel like you have to use the NexGenT templates. They are there for your use or as a resource to reference. 

Step 2: Create a new or revise an old cover letter that you have and incorporate your NexGenT program skills, certifications, and experience. The cover letter will be used for future job applications.

Follow the seven steps below to help you complete this milestone:


1. Does your cover letter include your contact details at the top that include your full name, a professional email you check, your phone number, your address, and a link to your LinkedIn profile?

2. In the body of your cover letter, do you include the name of the company you are applying to?

3. Did you state how you heard of the open position?

4. In the body of your cover letter, did you mention your IT or cyber certifications and skills?

5. Did you mention your accomplishments from past projects or course work that is applicable to the job you are applying for?

6. Did you describe past employment accomplishments that relate to the job applying for?

7. Does your conclusion paragraph include why you would be the best fit for the company and the job you are applying for?