Cybersecurity Resume Building Guide


Follow these 12 easy steps to complete your cybersecurity focused resume. 

1. Find resume templates here:

1. Open with google docs or download as a word doc.
2. If you use google docs, make a copy.
3. Rename: {your name} resume master draft

2. Your header.

First and Last name

Byline (Cybersecurity Student or Cybersecurity Specialist*) *when you have completed the program

City and state


Linkedin url


  1. Your summary statement. Do this last. (instructions below)


  1. Your skills section

[Note: For now, you can include a great big list of your skills, just like in the template. But think of this as a “base” resume that you will edit for each job you apply for. You’ll want to edit your skills sections to be perfect for specific jobs.]

Start by listing your top technical and soft skills here. Your skills list should include:

  1. The skills you feel the most confident in, and want to be known for;
  2. The skills you possess and feel confident in that match those skills described as desired in the job description.

Question: How do I choose the skills I want to list?

Answer: Use this handy tool to identify your top technical and soft skills

Question: What if I don’t have a specific job description for which I am applying?

Answer: You can see the top skills for cybersecurity entry, mid, and high level jobs with this handy reference:


  1. Your projects. Come back to this later. Instructions below. 


  1. Your work experience

Here you are going to use either “Experience” or “Work History” as your header. 

If you have or had professional technical experience in your positions, use “Experience” if not, use “Work History.”

List each position like this:


Job position or title (bold) DATES

Company Name | CITY/ST

  • 2-3 strong bullets


How to write good job bullets:

Start with a strong and proactive verb then add a job duty (relevant to the one you are applying to, if possible), and end with a number or result. 

For example:

    • Provided exceptional customer service to 100+ patrons in a high-volume sales environment.
    • Rewrote training manual and user documentation for new hires to reflect updated software changes.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills by training new sales associates.

Even better if an achievement or recognition. 
For example:

  • Recognized as Employee of the Month (date/year) for an idea that improved efficiency in solutions delivery.


Verbs/words for bullets:




Under budget









  1. Education

Education can look like the example below for NexGenT. Include all education beyond high school. Format as the below example is formatted. (Change start date as needed.)


NexGenT | Intensive 24-week military-grade engineering program

Cyber Security Specialist Program                                                                  January 2021 – Present

  • 480 hours of training, education, and hands-on project experience
  • Network Architectures and Networking for Cyber Security, Cyber Range Testing, Hacker Week, Labs and Skills Qualification Check


  1. Your projects. If you are at milestone #3 you should be ready to begin adding your projects.
    Your project summaries can be as succinct or detailed as you need them to be to demonstrate experience and skills. If you don’t have much experience in your job history, it is good to add more here. If you do, then less description here is fine. 

You can:

  1. Simply list the project titles, dates, and core competencies (only those you feel proficient in).
  2. List project titles, dates, core competencies and one or two bullets describing what you did and what you learned.

DO NOT cut and paste from a template or syllabus. Use your own words. Get used to describing your project work for interviews and consider it practice for project report writing when you get your job!

Here is a tool to help you write you project summaries.


  1. Your summary statement.
    This is last, because it is easier to write a summary when you’ve completed all that you are summarizing! Think of your summary statement as a professional introduction to you. 

To get you started, we have a handy summary statement builder:

HOWEVER, please do two things with your summary:

  • Edit to make it your own. Use your own voice here and make it authentic. 
  • Edit as you use it to apply for specific jobs. Your summary statement should read as if you are the person for the position for which you are applying. 


  1. Your certifications.

This one is easy peasy. It looks just like this:
Just be sure to remove “in progress” and “test date” when completed and leave only certificate date. 


NexGenT Cyber Security Associate (NCSA)                                                 (March 29,2021)                            

NexGenT Cyber Security Professional (NCSP) IN PROGRESS               Test Date (May/2021)

CompTIA Security +  IN PROGRESS                                                             Test Date (July/2021)


  1. Your skills – you thought you were done with skills? Nope. Remember, they are part of your resume that you will edit as needed for each job.

Consider three things here:

1. If you used the resume template, you have a huge list of skills here. But you want to be recognized for the skills for which you are proficient or expert. 

These are also the skills you want to highlight in your cover letter and emphasize in your interviews.

You can use the skills self-assessment tool for this:

Consider your level of knowledge of the following skills using the following guidelines:

  • Knowledge of or familiar with – if you have reviewed, read a book or papers, or generally studied a skill
  • Proficient – if you have used that skill on a daily basis for 7 mo – 1 yr
  • Expert – if you can teach it

2. When you use your resume to apply for a job, take the job description and put it side by side with your resume. Make sure every skill listed in the job description that you have is included in your resume skills list. Consider what is not there and how you might address those missing skills in your cover letter or in an interview. 

3. If you have demonstrated skills in other places in your resume – your work experience, education, or projects, you do not need to repeat them here. Rather than listing skills multiple times in multiple places, use the space to add additional skills to show a diverse skill set. 

  1. Submit.
    Your resume is still a work in progress, but it should be as ready as it can be at this point. This means you should submit for review and milestone completion. Before submitting please:

  • Make sure all formatting is clear and consistent (fonts, spacings, tabs, etc).
  • Make sure you have included all of the sections listed here and in the template.


IF you have done ALL OF THE THINGS, submit this milestone for review right here.