NexGenT Career Services proudly presents Career Corner, a monthly video series designed to bring the best career advice to you directly from the people to whom it matters the most, our employer partners.

Each month we sit down with Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and various IT VIPs in order to take a peek behind the scenes and learn from them what it takes to succeed in the IT industry. Throughout the months ahead we will discuss topics relative to breaking into the industry and managing your careers.

The goal of NexGenT’s Career Success team is to prepare you for a career in IT. The advice we share with you day in and day out is a direct result of the conversations we have with our guests and many others throughout the world of IT. This is your opportunity to cut out the middleman and hear it directly from them. We will focus on the skills they look for in potential candidates, what tools they recommend for networking and creating your brand, how to successfully capture their attention and how to remain in contact without being a nuisance, and so much more.

We welcome your suggestions for future guests or questions you would like to hear discussed more. Feel free to share some feedback about what you would like to hear about or how we can continue to make this series more helpful for you!

Featured Interviews:

Episode 6: NGT Rock Star Alumni

During one of our recent career weeks, I had the opportunity to welcome back three of our rock star alumni and ask them for insights into their job search, the interview process and what their lives are like now that they have crossed the bridge into the world of a hard-working IT professional. 
Joining me for this session are: Felice Marin, Andreas Claesson, and Al Minnigan.I cannot thank these three enough for taking the time to come back and share their experiences with us. 
Enjoy the episode NGT. I look forward to talking to you soon. 

Episode 5: John McGloughlin – Founder and CEO of GuardSight Inc.

You hear me talk a lot about passion so I wanted to give you a chance to see and feel what true passion looks like. Episode 5 of Career Corner has me sitting down with John McGloughlin – Founder and CEO of GuardSight Inc. -Cybersecurity as a Service. This was a super fun conversation where we discussed many topics including breaking into the industry and different career paths you may want to consider. Most of all he provides a really great look at a day in the life at his company and he does it with a smile on his face and a song in his heart. I hope you enjoy episode 5. Drop me a note and give me your thoughts.

Episode 4: How to work with recruiters with Linda David, Recruiter at Thumbtack 

Say hello to Linda David, a veteran recruiter in the San Francisco bay area currently with Thumbtack and formally with Pinterest. She takes us inside a typical day, the tools she uses and what it is that you can do to grab her attention. She shows you how recruiters are not the just harbinger of bad news but people that are there to help and nurture. Enjoy the episode and be sure to give us your feedback too!

Episode 3: The hiring process with Adam Scheinberg, VP of IT at Massey Services 

In episode 3 of the Career Corner series, Adam discusses the hiring process from soup to nuts. He offers advice about how to get noticed, what to expect during the interview process and what he really looks for in answers to technical questions. It’s a great opportunity to take a look inside the mind of a veteran IT executive and hiring manager. Enjoy the episode and be sure to give us your feedback too!

Episode 2: Networking with Caitlyn Jopp, Field Marketing Manager at Auvik Networks

Episode 2 of the Career Corner series features Caitlyn Jopp, Field Marketing Manager at Auvik Networks in Ontario Canada. In this episode, Caitlyn and Rob Coble dive deep into the art of networking and how it can benefit not just one’s job search but one’s life. For Rob, networking is more about passion for what he does than trying to find a job. In Caitlyn’s case, she has networking to thank for her career and the many people she now calls friends. Enjoy the episode and be sure to give us your feedback too!

Episode 1: NexGenT’s Career Service with Sam Stuber, Creator of NexGenT’s Career Service

In our first episode, Rob Coble sat down with our own Head of Career Services, Sam Stuber, to learn what Career Services means to her. Sam took some time to tell us about her years in the field and what she has learned along the way. Her advice is timeless, on point and worth a listen. Her passion for helping students realize their dreams is evident. We are fortunate to have her on our NexGenT team.