What if I need help with my career documents such as resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, mock interview, Huntr, etc.?

Submit all documents here: https://nexgent.typeform.com/to/phN9K3Ys


Once you do so, a career coach will look them over, provide suggestions for improvement and schedule a 1:1 with you if necessary.

Where do I report my weekly job search efforts?

Please use this form weekly on Fridays to report your job search efforts: https://nexgent.typeform.com/to/OCkRg2OB

What do I so when I get a new job, promotion or industry certification?

Please LET US KNOW! Job success and Industry Certification are the two main places where you will experience a WIN that we don’t know about unless you notify us! We want to have a complete understanding of where you are as an alum and congratulate you on your achievement. Use these forms if you experience any WINS such as:

Industry Certification: https://nexgent.typeform.com/to/LISd3W

Job Success or promotion: https://nexgent.typeform.com/to/EyGMw7

Since I am now an alum of NGT, what services do I get/access to?

As an NGT alum, you have access to the following:

  1. Career Coaching anytime with our Alumni Relations Specialist (provides career support and life-related items)
  2. Access to the Employer Network
  3. CCNA Mastermind Group (for students who are needing to get their CCNA)
  4. Weekly workshops, such as Lunch and Level Up (an up to 1-hour session discussing and providing necessary information/tips for your career planning and success)
  5. Meet the Rockstar Engineer (weekly sessions held on Tuesday nights at 8 pm CST; this is an opportunity to get to know engineers and discuss industry information and ask questions to industry leaders).

Counseling services are available to you through NGT’s counselor, Karishma Mendes. Here is her calendar link: https://calendly.com/karishmamendesnexgent/30minstudentcounselormeeting.

If I graduated already, am I still able to receive help from Career Services?

Yes! You are not alone on your career journey; NGT is here to support you even after finishing your program. If you need help revising your resume, improving your cover letter, networking, interviewing, job searching, or just have general questions, you can schedule a 1:1 meeting here: https://meetings.hubspot.com/samantha52/alumni.

How many years after graduation am I able to receive services from NGT?

You can seek help from Career Services for up to as long as you have an active ISA. If you didn’t sign up for a NexGenT program through an ISA, you can access NexGenT Career Services for up to 5 years after your graduation. Please reach out to Nicole for more help at alumni@nexgent.com.

What if I need help with my Income Share Agreement (ISA)?

Here is a helpful article on FAQs: https://help.nexgent.com/en/articles/3440476-income-share-agreement-isa-faq

To get a copy of your agreement, you should reach out to support@nexgent.com.

The agreement itself contains directions around reporting and defining income.

For any technical support with payments, you should reach out to Leif’s support: support@leif.org.

Can I attend the Lunch & Level Ups (L&L)?

Yes, everyone is invited to attend. Lunch & Levels are every Wednesday unless otherwise communicated, at 12 PM CST. You can gain access to the meeting invites via your email, or in the online student community group ‘Alumni’, under the events section.

Where can I find a list of all the L&L replays and takeaways?

You can find all replays and takeaways at this link here or in the online student community when filtering by past events. That spreadsheet at the link is updated weekly!

Can I suggest a topic for L&L? If so, can I also recommend a speaker?

Yes and Yes. Here’s the link to provide feedback & suggestions: https://nexgent.typeform.com/to/QnnGNdw3