As you become an alumnus, here is what you can expect from NexGenT Career Service and what we expect from you:


Stay engaged:

  • You will be added to the NexGenT Alumni Community Group in the online student community. This group will be your place to stay engaged/connected with career services staff and other alumni. You can ask questions, share resources, attend live training & workshops with career services and network.
  • Attend the weekly 1-hour ‘Lunch & Level Up’ on Wednesdays from 12 – 1 pm CST. Each Lunch and Level-Up, we discuss essential tips and advice focused on different topics to help you achieve your career goals. Be on the lookout for the invite in your email and event details in the Alumni Community Group.


Our expectations of you:

  • Complete the weekly check-in form every Friday until you get new job success. This form will ask you a short series of questions regarding how many jobs you applied to, any jobs you have in the interview stage, and any offers you received. It also gives you a chance to share what challenges you encountered and what kind of support you need. Here is the form to complete weekly:
  • Please continue to update your Huntr board, which helps you keep track and organize your job search. Keeping your board updated helps us be able to assist when we see you have an interview coming up or if you aren’t getting any interviews!
  • You will be sent a quarterly survey to update our team on your job-seeking status via text, email, and the Alumni Community Group. PLEASE make sure to promptly complete this so that I don’t have to personally call you. Thank you ahead of time!
  • If you get job success or earn a new certification, please let our team know by completing this form:


Want personalized help?

  • If you want input anytime on your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile, please use this link to submit it to our team:
  • You can still schedule a 1:1 anytime you would like to go over anything related to job searching. To schedule a 1:1, use this link:
  • Want a quicker answer? Easily text or call Nicole at 512-829-8638 if you have any questions post-grad. Save this number!


Finally, if you would like to get involved with the Alumni Association, please reach out to Nicole, our Alumni Relations Specialist, via email at